A meeting of two yearning hearts

A traveler, who was young in age but rich in experience, who was seen in many lands and met many souls along the way during his journey, was following the yearning of his heart, for it was thirsty for the mystery and the unknown.

He was searching answers in the dusty pages of old books and spoke to many wise men who’s eyes seemed to speak of deep wisdom, to questions he carried around in the lost soul that he was. There was not a place that he could call home and the only riches he carried around was his sincere heart.

Days, weeks, months passed by and the young traveler lost hope to ever find the answers that he longed for. Hungry and exhausted from his long march he stopped by in a village he found on his way. Opening the door of the small tavern in the village he was looked over by sinister faces hidden in hoods, illuminated only by the light of near candles. In all those faces he found a pair of eyes glowing with wisdom and Love without the need for a candle’s light. As their eyes met he knew that he will find answers in the words that will be spoken through this mouth.

The old bearded man waved him over and our young traveler hesitated a bit before walking over to him. He sat down next to him, feeling the mysterious but calming aura the old man had around him. They didn’t spoke at first until the old man broke the silence, that made the traveler feel uncomfortable.

“Young man I waved you over to me because I see the same sparkling pair of eyes and the presence of your yearning heart that was in me as well when I was trying to make sense of the world, being your age. Now I shall share what I’ve learned with your soul that is longing for wisdom.” The young man smiled, finally, he would be able to get the answers he was looking for. The young man ordered food and beer for them both and as they were waiting the old man said to him:

“I shall tell you what I know and what I felt is true in my heart but do not take any of my answers as the truth if you do not feel them to be true in your own heart as well.” The young man nodded silently and as he did a waitress brought them their food and beer. They ate in silence, but this silence wasn’t uncomfortable, it was very peaceful and energizing. As they finished the old man said to him that they should leave the tavern to watch the full moon over the lake next to the tavern.

The young man paid the tavern owner and they went their way to find a spot at the lake the old man was speaking of so they can rest and there the young man should find some of the answers his heart and soul were yearning for. The old man was looking up at the moon and his eyes were filled with the moon’s light and the curiosity of a child.

“I’m glad that you came into this tavern young man, for the thirst of wisdom you had in your heart found its way to the yearning of my heart to share its wisdom with a soul ready to be nourished by it.” The young man smiled and answered, “For a long time now I’ve been on this search but no book I’ve red was satisfying and many I’ve spoken to were wise but could not give me the answers I longed for so very long.”

He looked on the ground, feeling sad and confused as he spoke the following words:

“The way I’ve been taught to view myself and this world is falling apart and I’m left with nothing but the shattered pieces of that illusion. It was a lie and all I wish to know is the truth. So many questions are present within me and I yearn for finding an answer to them all. Is this world all there is? Who am I really, beyond this world? What brought us here and what is the nature of our existence, of life? Please oh you wise man, can your wisdom bring peace to my very soul ?”  The old man laughed out loud and gave the young man a heartwarming look.

” Oh young man I delight in your thirst for knowledge and I wish to answer all your questions except the most important of all the ones you asked. Who you really are? this question can’t be answered by anyone out there and no book shall give you the answer, only your silent heart can whisper the answer to you when the mind has found rest and drowned in silence. For now let me try to answer the questions I can answer you, for they’ve burned within as they burn in you now.”

The cold wind blew in their faces and they prepared a fire to keep them warm throughout the hours that’ll follow. The young man took out a blanket from his bag and threw it around his shoulders. An all pervading silence filled the night. He took a deep breath and started to speak:

“I’ve been taught that his earth and this sky is all but this is not so. There is more than what is seen by the eye, isn’t it ?” The old man took a deep breath and started speaking:” You’re right my young friend. This earth, this sky, those stars and the moon which is mirrored in the depths of this lake, you and me, all of this is but a page in the book that Life has written. We are just visitors here, we are just wandering around, we meet, wme laugh, we cry and when it’s time to go home to rest in eternity we leave.” The young man’s eyes were sparkling, listening to the words of the old man brought great peace to his soul and mind.

“But if this is a page in the whole book, where did it come from, where did we come from? Where did the universe come from ?” Again the old man laughed out loud, so loud that all the birds who were sleeping in the trees flew away. ” Oh it truly is a delight to have your company young man and it’s even more so by sharing the answers I found myself, but with all that I tell you, do not forget to look within your own heart, if it rings true within you.”

“The world, this page, this universe found their way into being, into existence as a manifestation of Love and when I speak of Love I don’t speak of a feeling, but of something more fundamental to our existence. Love is to the universe what the canvas is to the painting. The canvas is Love the universe is the painting. My young friend, this universe is but a thought in the mind of Spirit, the same one that pervades this world, that keeps your body alive, he is everywhere. He is in you, within me and yet he can’t be seen or heard, but he’s there, always. From Love we came and to Love we shall return but for now, this is our home and to live happy and free you shall keep your feet firmly on our mother, the earth and let your heart beat in  rhythm with the cosmic heart whose rhythmic beat breathes life into the universe.”

Tears ran down the young man’s cheeks as he heard those words and laughter burst forth for he found what he was looking for and what he heard made his heart dance and so he knew it was true what has been said, but the last question is within him, the most important question of all.

“I thank you for your wise words, they brought peace and joy to my soul but there is one question left that won’t leave me.. Who.. Who am I ?” Again the old man smiled and just said to him:” My friend.. this question you will not find an answer for in the pages of a book nor shall you find the answer through the spoken words of someone you meet, but only in the silence of your own heart, it will whisper the answer to you, if you quiet your mind. So let it speak, it knows the answer, I promise.”

The young man was about to answer but he felt that the silence between them now was the best answer for them both and so they spend the night at the lake, being put to sleep by the soothing sound of crashing waves and the wind that whispered into their ears.

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