Cup of fluid Love

A poem inspired by an experience I had a while ago, that had a life-changing impact on me.

Thank you, that you came my way Ayahuasca, I will carry you with me forever.

I drank,

Unknowingly leaving behind myself,
Laying open before me the mess of what I was, that I am.
A journey into an ocean of unknowing,
Leaving behind the burden of knowledge,
Witnessing the birth of wonder within.

Facing the demons that lurked in me,
No help, no guidance, just facing the mess of myself in silence,
Facing Truth, cutting through the layers of my lies,
She threw me into the dirt of my own selfishness,
Offering her loving hand to help me stand up,
Before me, a vision of what can be.

Washing off the dirt with tears of love and grace,
She held me high, in the immensity of her loving forgiveness,
Me, holding the knowing of what I may become,
Awakening of potential within, I stood firm on the ashes of what is left behind,
I see the world anew, beauty all around, I see, with eyes washed clean,
Your manifestation, nothing but Love overflowing.

I stumbled across the floor,
Trying to reach the warming fire to melt the ice around my heart,
Sitting in the darkness of the night, there was light glowing within,
Sitting next to each other, more has been said with silence, than words are ever able to,
Immersed in Life’s song I let myself fall into the moment –  letting go,
Time stood still as I witnessed the mystery around.

Exhaustion and nausea led me to my place to rest,
Her whisper following my every step,
Closing my eyes, She paints pictures in my mind’s eye,
Colors and sounds of immense beauty where my lullaby,
Reflecting on what I just experienced, I laughed with tears,
Life is much more beautiful than it appears.



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