Those lines are dedicated to you, to your mind that is fearful about the future, to the limitations and beliefs that imprison you, holding you back, to the pain you may carry around in your being, your confusion, your feeling of being lost, all those things that drain you of the vital energy you need for other things in your life.

I don’t ask you to get rid of those things, to suppress them or ignore them, I only ask you to take a deep breath and let it all step aside for a second and read the following words with all your being:

YOU are humanity. You are a member of a species that walks on two feet amidst a planet that is home to so much beauty and variety that it’ll steal your breath if you really think about it. Its beauty has been befallen by a very serious illness…

Humanity has become very sick and the symptoms of this sickness can be seen all around us.

We are like an organism spread around the globe as single individual cells, interconnected with each other and our environment. This organism stopped working in harmony within itself, through the continuing misalignment we stopped being a functioning harmonious unit of life.

It is the reason why our world is mirroring all those symptoms back to us, on every level of life. Many cells have fallen prey to greed, anger, apathy, lack of heart and hate and so the whole organism suffers and the whole environment as well.

Everything in existence is deeply connected and so are we. If one cell gets sick, all others will be affected but if one cell chooses to no longer participate in the fearful and sickening way of life, that leads to this sickness of heart that has so many tightly in its grip, the whole world starts to heal.

You are not a meaningless fragment in the world, you are an essential part of the organism of Humanity. In the world where fear motivates so many, choose trust, into yourself, humanity, life. Don’t give the world the chance to make you grow cold and rigid, bless it with the warmth of a heart that is radiant of trust and life. Mankind is a tree and you are a leaf on this tree. If you nurture your heart, the whole tree is nurtured.

If you eliminate fear within you, fear has vanished from earth to a certain degree, if you start to trust, trust has been restored in the world and how badly could the world need trust, as we turned our backs on each other as time passed.

Be a space, in which the troubles of the world dissolve, guard this place and let it be your refuge. Grow in peace, wisdom, understanding and live your life in trust and whatever you do, see that all is connected.Move in the world holding this knowing and you will be supported in ways you can’t even imagine.

The human spirit has been put to sleep long enough, make it come alive within you, ignite its flame that so deeply yearns for you to acknowledge it, because it’s flame can’t be extinguished, only weakened to a point where we lose awareness of it, only death can blow out the candle of Life that warms your being, until this day comes, nourish it with inspiration, the empowerment of others, faith and that which nourishes humans the most-  Love, for Love is the whole and we are its pieces.

Reclaim your being, your mind, your heart – everything and be a cell in this sickened but inherently beautiful organism called humanity. By doing that you will help other cells of this organism heal and by doing that you serve in the most effective way possible. A healthy humanity means a healthy earth.

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