What is the most beautiful thing on earth?

If someone would ask me that question, I would answer:

There are many things in this world, this universe, that are full of beauty. The stars as they light up the sky, like small openings of heaven, they spread their light to bring balance into this seemingly ever-expanding darkness of space. That is beauty.

Nature in herself is an explosion of beauty. She is a treasure chest that we barely opened yet. Her forests, rivers, mountains, her fertile soil, her crystal clear oceans – they are all equal sources of abundance and a display of her artistic capabilities, as nature is the greatest artist of all. And when I ponder about this beauty surrounding us, it takes away my breath every time and brings to life such a deep sense of appreciation and humbleness towards this incredible mystery that lies at the heart of nature. That is beauty.

All of these things are sources of beauty, but there is something that is even more beautiful than these things. What that may be, one might ask.

Let me tell what in my opinion is the most beautiful thing on earth:

A human being, a human being coming alive, coming to appreciate the miracle of life as it unfolds within them and the world that surrounds them.

Looking into a pair of eyes overflowing with radiant life, giving you a taste of that fire burning in that person’s soul, truly no greater beauty can be found.

It is so captivating to witness when a human being moves beyond his or her fears when one’s conditioning is losing its grip, when one’s human expression in all its uniqueness begins flowing freely, truly, there is nothing as beautiful as that.

When all the gifts and talents that one has been given come to the surface and a human being is flowing over with creativity, with enthusiasm, with joy and then becomes a portal through which Spirit can flow freely into the world to create captivating art, stunning music and moving poetry, that carries within itself a beauty that I fail to be able to compare to anything else.

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