The two cups

Each day we wake, there are two cups in front of us. One is that of truth and life and the other is that of selfishness.

Now within each day, you fill those cups. One more than the other one. The words you speak, the deeds you do, the thoughts in your mind, they fill these cups.

When you go to sleep imagine you have to drink the one who is more full than the other one. Will a cup filled with greed, hate, jealousy and selfishness lift up your spirit? Certainly not.

So when we go through our day, remember the cup you will drink at night. Remember it wherever you go because if you would have to taste of the negativity you create for yourself and those around you, you would stop creating it. If then you taste of the life-giving qualities you create for yourself and others there wouldn’t be a greater joy, a greater ecstasy in creating more of it until it’s cup overflows and nurtures not only your spirit but nurtures spirit in others as well.

Enjoy your cup and remember that it’s taste is up to you, no one else.

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