This world we carry on our shoulders

We see it everywhere. We see it when we watch T.V, we see it when we check social media, we see it in newspapers ( at least some of them ). Fear, hatred, violence, lies, corruption, and destruction. It seems as if our world is falling apart, as if it can’t be held together anymore but if we take another look we see it is not falling apart, the veil that’s been in front of our eyes and ears is being lifted, the darkness is in all our faces.

We are becoming more aware of what the forces in form of government, mass media and certain organizations are doing to us and the planet for their own selfish reasons, but the time for blaming our government for the state of the world is over. It’s easy to point to others to make one’s self look better but we should never forget that the darkness of the world is also in us, if we are aware of it or not, it’s there, being born here, in this world, means to carry its burden as well. Being born here means to inherit a certain dose of craziness.

Governments don’t care about us as people, they stopped doing that a long time ago and they do what they do because we let them. The power of the people, the human spirit is so far greater than those who are in power, we should never forget that.

It’s overwhelming if we look at the world.. much repair and healing is needed. So where to start, where to go and what to do? If those in power do not care for us then it’s on us to start caring for one another, help one another and inspire one another, it’s on us to bring back alive the human spirit.

Where to start is where you are right here and right now, letting go of the stories we tell ourselves and so dearly cling to. You are not your story, you are far more than that. You don’t need to go anywhere else than where you are now because change can happen anywhere and the possibilities and options are endless if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear. What to do then? Well, the greatest deed that one can do is that of one’s own self-transformation because the greatest statement you can deliver of what kind of world you wish your children to grow up in is how you decide to live your own life.

Is it peace you wish for them? Then be peace, let it grow in you, because it’s not the world out there that needs changing, it is us. The world will change according to how we change because the world out there is just a reflection of what’s inside.

Our world is but the sum total of its individuals. What we are as individuals, so is the world. We don’t need protests, movements and neither do we need to belong to any political group. True revolution, true transformation happens WITHIN you. All the struggle in the world stems from our division and separation through ideas and concepts. If we would stop seeing each other as the religion we follow, the nationality we grew up with, the conditioning we received from the day we were brought into the light of the world, we finally see each other as equal, as one and in seeing that lies the seed for true transformation on an individual and a collective level.

So it’s not about fighting the old, fighting the system. This will create just more fear, hate, violence and we got enough of that already, but rather spend your time creating the new. That which is meant to go will go that which is meant to be will be. We have such little energy as single persons, wasting it fighting something is not the right way.

The potential that you have is so great, of such tremendous joy and beauty that it will far exceed even your own imagination if you allow it to open up in you. You count, you matter and you are needed, for those who will come after us and those who live on our side today.

There is a gift being put into every heart, it’s a gift of Life to each one of us and it’s the silent voice that’s always there and it’s guiding us to where we belong, where we need to be and what we need to do. Our responsibility is to listen as much as we can, as often as we can because it will lead you down a path that will not be well laid out and neat and clean. It will lead you down a path that will be messy and crazy at times but it will be the most rewarding thing that you can do for yourself and others because it will awaken the human spirit in you, something that is so desperately needed nowadays, it’s the greatest gift you can offer the world, do not throw it away, do not let it wither away or try to shut down its voice because if you do it will make you feel terribly uncomfortable inside, it will eat you up from the inside.

That’s the responsibility we carry now, being true to ourselves, to embrace life, ourselves and each other. Let us be weapons of mass creation not of mass destruction, for the sake of those to come.

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