This fruitful darkness

I know that for many of us, for those that see what is going on in the world, that this is not an easy time. It is overwhelming and saddening to witness the state of affairs we have fallen into the last couple of years and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it anytime soon. 

One can fall in states of despair and hopelessness in the eyes of this madness that we are finding ourselves in and rightfully so, for that is a far more human reaction than apathy and just not caring at all. To fall in such a state of despair, as I have been myself for quite a long time shows that we are not blind and deaf to the world around us as it cries for help.
But once we fall into such a state of being, pulling ourselves out of it requires inner strength, as in such times we are being shown what we are made of. In those times we are being given the opportunity to see within ourselves what needs to be let go of, what needs to be seen as it is, for what it is, so that we can move forward and grow into a much stronger and more resilient human being.
Truly, those times we live in aren’t the greatest and we are being given great challenges, in our personal lives and as a collective, but as it is with human beings, the only thing that works as a catalyst for our growth and evolutionary progress as a species are challenges, otherwise we might still be living in caves.
Times like these aren’t easy, for anyone. We all share moments of doubts and fears and that’s okay. But we shouldn’t let those impermanent moments become the lens, through which we look at the world as this gives birth to a distorted perspective of it, because even though there are many terrible things happening, even though there is an unnecessary amount of suffering for many people that is rooted in the greed and lack of empathy of the few in positions of power, there is just as much Love being shared among people.
This is a fruitful darkness as the challenges presented bring about a gathering together of people all over the world, a lot of new found solutions to problems in the world, a healing of conflicts in our individual lives and of conflicts on larger scales, a rekindling of the human spirit, as if the darkness serves as a reminder of what is of a much wiser and kinder nature within ourselves, of what actually matters in life in a society that lost almost all sense for that.
I wish everyone the strength and the courage to move through whatever has come their way and the trust into the knowing that it all comes to serve you to reach your highest heights.

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